Tesladyne Oakland

Session 1.3

The Rock

The team determines that Frank has been Infected by the Hybrid Queen from Buzz About the New Cell Tower, and so creates an Invention to cure him. It consists of some sort of immersive machine that just barely fits inside their standard-issue Tesladyne van.

It turns out that they need Materials consisting of a tissue sample from a patient whose infection is further along than Frank’s, and they also need Help in the form of Dr. Edward Chang’s neuroscience expertise.

They are able to get inside the hospital and past the Majestic 12 guards to get the tissue sample, but are told that Dr. Chang is nowhere to be found.

After a Brainstorm, they are able to determine that he had been doing secret black ops experiments on prisoners at San Quentin, and was kidnapped by his government employers after he expressed ethical concerns. They kidnapped him to ensure that he complete the tasks and also that he not reveal any information.

He was kept in a secret holding facility located below the publicly-accessible areas of Alcatraz. After some recon, the group was able to get in, get him, and get out.


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